Client Testimonials

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Corey and Amanda Meyer,
Owners of ACME Meat Market

“Even with us having had no experience of any kind in web design, Bree was able to understand and interpret our vision and deliver us an amazing website beyond our expectations. Her understanding of what we required and wanted, without us even knowing clearly ourselves, came through in the finished product. Dedicated and detail oriented, she made the process easy and the level of customer service & care was exceptional. We highly recommend BE3Designs – Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Marty Chan,
Writer & Freelancer at Ink Jockey Inc

“Bree is amazing. She delivered a great website design. She accommodated my requests for personalization. Most important of all, she responded quickly to requests. If you’re looking for a great designer who is professional, knowledgeable and reliable, Bree is the one to talk to.”

Brian Siddle, Managing Partner, Director of Community & Content at Strong Coffee Marketing

“Bree is a pleasure to work with and we’ve always been extremely satisfied with her work. Although websites tend to be one of her main focuses, we’ve found her to be very talented at content creation, search engine optimization and social media. I highly recommend Bree!”

Daniel Wynne, Owner of

“On the hunt for a new web designer, I found Bree with BE3Designs and she is extremely easy to work with and goes above and beyond the call of duty for her customers. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone looking for a new web designer look no further. You are looking at the best!”

Ahna MacLeod, (Previous) Director of Marketing & Communications, Digital Content and Strategy at Sherbrooke Liquor

“Bree is a joy to work with. She always takes the time to address each and every question and comment with a detailed response, and goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone is “on the same page”. I’m thrilled with the superlative job she did on our company’s website.”

Jennifer Rollins, (Previous) Marketing Communications Manager at PPM

“I’ve worked on projects with Bree as part of BE3Designs. Bree is a very talented website developer, designer and online marketer. She understands the dynamics of running and growing a successful business. Because of this, she is able to easily put herself in her client’s shoes to build them a website that is not only visually appealing; it has a return on investment as well. I would recommend BE3Designs to anyone that is looking for online marketing.”

Dr. Chris Bjorndal, Naturopathic Doctor, Speaker, Author, Wellness Expert

“Bree is wonderful to work with – she replies to questions promptly, has an incredible eye for design and completes projects on time.”

Jeannie Fudger, Owner at Hillstreet Propane

“Bree created a web site I am very proud of, she created it in such a way that my clients have told me, “Your site was easy to find, very informative, and very creative”. As a result I have lots of business come my way. Bree also keeps me informed of any new ideas she might have. Thank you BE3Designs.”

Alyson Hodson, President and CEO,
zag creative group

“Bree has been a great partner to work with. Every step of the way on projects, she delivers on time, on budget and never complains if the scope of a project changes. It is nice to have reliable and experienced partners such as Bree to work with.”

Alexandra Kulas, Marketing, Communications, Social Media Consulting

“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Bree and her talent in web development. As a client, she was able to take my vision and make it a reality. Thank you so much!”

Melissa Sariffodeen, Co-Executive Director at Ladies Learning Code

“Bree joined and embraced our fast-growing organization spearheading our efforts in Edmonton as one of our first Chapter Leads in the country. She’s committed an exceptional amount of passion and energy over the last three years to build overwhelming support from local tech companies, donors, volunteers and community leaders, and generated news coverage for our efforts teaching 21st century technical skills to women in the city. Her work in Edmonton is often a case study of success for our Chapters across the country – a huge testament to her hard work and dedication for our mission. She’s an incredible advocate and role model for empowering women to learn code in Edmonton and across the country and we’re so proud to have her part of our team.”

Do you have a testimonial to share? Recommend Bree on Google or LinkedIn!