Happy Birthday BE3Designs!

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There was no party and no actual celebration of sorts, but I was excited to start this year with a business birthday! Entering Year 4 is exciting for BE3Designs although its already been filled with its mayhem and mishaps. (Leaking homes in a cold-warm Edmonton winter, anyone? Or how about a computer that decides to throw in the towel to celebrate, unexpectedly?) Fortunately, we’ve been recouping and really, I figure – sure, lets get this out of the way 2013, lets just shove it all up into January and make the rest of the year cozy yeah? I know, I know, big dreams.

All the downers may have been blessings in disguise, because it caused the assembly of new office furniture that I had been putting off doing simply because I was too busy working to do it, and obviously, the purchase of brand new equipment. (Huzzah!)

Look at these beauties, so lovely and ORANGE!

Work Station Storage Unit Drawer Unit Desk Desk Drawer Unit

There are some great projects coming up and I’m looking forward to sharing them with everyone, but in the meantime I’m also happy to announce that I’ve asked my colleague and friend, Nadine, to write for BE3Designs’ Blog this year. (Enjoy Nadine’s first post here!) There comes a time to share one’s workload and as I’ll continue to write when time permits, I suppose there will be an upcoming blog post about that too?


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