January Reading List: Inspiration

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More than ever people are using their internet connection to find inspiration. People are looking for new ways to shop, parent, cook, and build their online businesses with their blogs, with SEO, and with social media marketing. If inspiration is what you need, then inspiration is what you will find in the following blog post which features some of our recent favorite online articles.

10 Inspirational Websites in 2012

We like this article because it features a variety of website styles, from designs with clear-cut lines to some that are more artistically put together. A website’s effectiveness is really important, although the design plays a big role in a user’s experience. Here is a link to the original article by OrphicPixel. Enjoy!

Company Party Ideas

Being that January was BE3Design’s birthday month, we’ve decided to make a reading recommendation to reflect that celebration (happy birthday to everyone)! People need to party- even if they’re your employees. Follow the link to uncover some excellent business party ideas. Don’t be fooled by how short this article is because it packs quite a few excellent ideas into one little article. The original article, here, is by Thomas K. Arnold

Working From The Beach: Taking Your Virtual Office On The Road


People who work from home can get into a bit of a funk sometimes; it’s easy to feel drained if you don’t have a routine that helps you get outside once in a while. We found the following article quite inspiring, and we think you’ll find it interesting too. Finding a way to change up your scenery, while still working, can be just the inspiration you need this year. Maybe you’ll choose somewhere other than the beach, and perhaps it’s just a walk around the block. The important thing is that this year is all about keeping things interesting and inspiring! Read the original post, here, by YourCityOffice.

We hope you found this post to be exactly the inspiration you were looking for. From websites and corporate party ideas, to finding a way to work from the beach, BE3Designs writes with the intention of featuring articles that you will find to be valuable and worth your while to read. We look forward to your next visit! Find us on facebook for more great tips, resources, and links to inspiring articles!

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