February Reading List: Love is All You Need

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Love is All You Need…In the Workplace?

Even though February is drawing to a quick close, this month has truly been all about the love. Wouldn’t you agree? How can the warm and fuzzy feelings be translated to business, though, and does love really matter when push comes to shove in the workplace and in business interactions? The old adage “love is all you need” sounds peachy, but how much do the relationships between coworkers play a role in productivity within a working environment? We have compiled a short list of two of the best articles that we have found to provide you with the answers you are looking for.

This article, written by Stacy Zeiger, gives the reader a few really great pieces of information regarding workplace relationships and how the quality of those relationships affects productivity. Stacy points out the obvious, like how relationship building can lead to employee retention, but the article also brings up how managers spend 40% of their time in conflict-resolution situations. Perhaps in reading numbers like that, employers will see how important it is to the bottom line to be able to maintain a peaceful working environment. The link to this article is here: How Relationships in the Workplace Affect Productivity

This next article is geared toward helping you build up the relationships in your workplace- how can you help people to be happier with one another while they are working together? A lot of interpersonal damage can happen as a result of workplace stress. This article shares a few ways that managers and business owners can lighten the mood in the office and provide a friendlier working environment for their employees. As seen above, if managers can spend less time resolving conflicts in their workplace, productivity will naturally increase. Our favorite tip is the third one from the top- HAVE MORE FUN! Enjoy the article: Relationship Building Activities

Happy end of February to you! Maybe love is all you need?

love is all you need