March Reading List: Two Best Articles To Help You Read Better

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As March is coming to a close, we reflect on this month’s theme: reading. We have shared our perspective on reading, how important it is to find the time to read, and some of the book titles in which we are currently engrossed. We decided (probably because we’re the organized type) to keep with the theme of reading, and share with you some interesting articles on the subject.

The first article below shares some important things to keep in mind when you’re trying to increase your reading speed. The second article gives a few pointers on how you can encourage yourself to spend more time reading. Sometimes, it just takes a little jump-start to begin reading more effectively, and these two articles provide you with an excellent beginning point:

Simple Tips on Increasing Your Reading Speed

This online article gives 9 tips on how to increase your reading speed. These tips can be used to improve both your online reading and your offline reading, though we cannot guarantee that you will be able to read menus, road signs, or telephone bills any more quickly after reading this article. We like this article because it’s not just another online article; this article gives a nice list of references so that the reader knows the information is coming from a reliable source. Sources are good! Read the article: here.

How To Encourage Yourself to Read

Do you wish you spent more time reading, and then you become bored as soon as you begin? Or maybe you’re someone who falls asleep really quickly after starting a book, even if the book is interesting. This article shares nine things that you can do to encourage yourself to read more often. It’s really straight-forward, and the best part is that the writers of the article have clearly spent some time thinking outside the box because they have included in the list “audiobooks.” Sometimes reading can include an audiobook. Why not!? Read the article for yourself, here.

Until next time, keep your book covers and your eyelids wide open!

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