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Happy Valentines Day! I’ve been an iOS user on my iPad for over six months now so I have a bit more experience with these apps, but I’ve owned my Android (Nexus 4) for about a month now so I’m definitely interested in new Android apps! In honor of a month all about loooooove, I wanted to do up a post featuring some of my most very favorite apps. I’d love to hear yours too!


ArtRage Screenshot

ArtRage By Ambient Design Ltd.


ArtRage is one of my most favorite painting apps I’ve come across yet for my iPad. Real-feel painting tools include Oils, Watercolors, Paint Rollers, Pencils, Crayons and more. Each tool has a range of settings that reflect familiar ideas such as how much thinner is applied to the paint, or how soft a pencil tip is. Use Layers and work on individual elements without editing others. I purchased it for a whopping $19.99, now I see its a mere $4.99 so there really isn’t a good reason not to try it if you’re looking for a real canvas-like feel to your tablet art. (Also available for iPhone/iPod Touch)

Links: Purchase App, Website


Paper Screenshot

Paper by FiftyThree


And Paper would be my most favorite app on iPad for drawing, sketching, writing notes and ideas, etc. You can create different ‘notebooks’ (with different titles and cover art) and use them for different things, for example, I have books for Ideas, Sketches, Drawings so far. They’re a great way to sketch-up some wireframe or website layout options for designers too. The app itself is free but you can purchase add-ons (I believe all of them for $6.99 or $1.99 a piece).

Links: Purchase App, Website


Songza Screenshot


iOS, Android, Kindle Fire

If you love listening to music (sorry, but who doesn’t?) Songza is so much fun! I often have my iPad open while I’m working from my desktop just to have Songza open on a playlist for some fantastic background music. Select your playlist depending on your mood, what activity you’ll be doing, or one of the Songza Teams’ genre ideas; there is literally something for anyone at any time of day. Technically, you don’t even need a device other than your computer to take part in Songza – head on over to their website to try it out now – its free. So far the only catch I’ve noticed is that there are ads present but I don’t notice them and you can only skip so many songs in an hour before it won’t let you. My favorites? Classical music and the retro throwback playlists that remind you that you still indeed remember all the lyrics to songs you forgot even existed.

Links: Purchase iOS App, Purchase Android App, Website


Menu Planner Screenshot

Menu Planner by InnovaDev, LLC


For $2.99 you can get yourself this handy little buddy that enables you to plan all upcoming meals, create an inventory of your pantry which can automatically populate a grocery shopping list, and create or import recipes (which will also update your grocery list as required). I can edit recipe entries as per any substitutions I’ve made as well as import from top sites like All Recipes, Epicurious, Food Network, Martha Stewart and SO MANY more!

Links: Purchase App, Website


Well, I probably could go on forever about my favorite apps… but what I’d really love is to hear about yours! Let me know what I should check out next! Also – Happy Valentines Day!

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