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Most of us use Facebook every day from a personal standpoint but more entrepreneurs and business owners are turning to Facebook to make use of Pages. Why should your company or business have a Facebook Page? Think about it – most people you know have Facebook and some come online to solely use Facebook so why not extend your branding and showcase your company’s news and highlights on one of the most popular social networking websites in the world?

Official Facebook Pages Help Center

Learn more about Facebook Pages directly from the source. Get more information about finding and interacting with Pages, how to create and manage your page and more about Pages from the Facebook team.

Official Facebook Pages Help Center

Ads & Business Solutions

Maybe you already have a Facebook Page but are interested in optimizing and marketing it to gain more ‘Likes’? The content of this page is designed for marketers, business owners, and other individuals looking to promote themselves professionally on Facebook by using Ads and Business Solutions.

Official Facebook Ads and Business Solutions Help Center

Timeline Cover Photos

Earlier this year, Facebook launched Cover Photos for Timelines including on Pages. Your Cover Photo is the large header image that visitors see at the top of your page (your profile photo sits on top of your cover photo). A lot of businesses strategically use their Cover Photo to promote their company or products. For more information on how to create a Cover Photo for your timeline visit the link below.

How to Create a Cover Photo for Facebook Timeline

Quick Tip: Cover photos are 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. If you upload an image that’s smaller than these dimensions, it will get stretched to this larger size. The image you upload must be at least 399 pixels wide. To get the best quality image and fastest load times for your Page, upload an sRGB JPG file that’s 851 pixels wide, 315 pixels tall and less than 100 kilobytes.

Apps on Facebook

Building an app on Facebook gives you the opportunity to deeply integrate into the core functionality of Facebook. Apps can integrate with many aspects of Facebook, including the News Feed and Notifications. All of the core technologies, such as Social Plugins, the Graph API and Platform Dialogs are available to apps as well.

Apps on Facebook Tutorial

Facebook Page Tabs

Major brands, celebrities, etc. use Facebook Pages as their “social home” on the web but one of the most interesting features of Apps on Facebook is the ability for your app to be used within the context of a Facebook Page which involves adding a tab or link-through button from your page.

Facebook Page Tabs Tutorial

Claim Your Vanity URL

Does your Facebook Page URL look something like this?
Usernames allow you to easily promote your business, brand or organization’s presence on Facebook with a short web address. Your Page address can be used in your marketing communications, company website and business cards. A vanity URL would now read as this –

You can set your Vanity URL within your Page Settings

Follow The Rules

A lot Facebook Page owners are actually guilty of committing a few broken rules when it comes to following the guidelines and terms. For example, Cover Photos are not supposed to contain price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it on”; contact information such as a website address, email, mailing address, or information that should go in your Page’s “About” section; references to Facebook features or actions, such as “Like” or “Share” or an arrow pointing from the cover photo to any of these features; or calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends.” One of the most commonly committed ‘crimes’ is ignoring that you must NOT use Facebook features or functionality as a promotion’s registration or entry mechanism. For example, the act of liking a Page or checking in to a Place cannot automatically register or enter a promotion participant. For the full rules and regulations, please view the page below.

Facebook Page Guidelines

Social Plugins

You’ve got it all but now you’re wondering how people get Facebook apps onto their website? Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web and you can get them all via Facebook, see below!

Facebook Social Plugins for your Website

10 Reasons Your Facebook Page is Not Taking Off

Are you wondering why your Page isn’t growing faster or why people aren’t engaging more? Social Media Marketing takes a lot of time and effort; do you have a plan? Do you promote? Do you interact with your followers? Take a look at the link below for ten ideas on how you could better manage your Facebook Page.

10 Reasons Your Facebook Page is Not Taking Off

BE3Designs Facebook Page

What’s a featured post without a little horn tooting? Of course we have a Facebook Page! If you’re interested in weekly links and tips on continuing to use Facebook for promotion, please think about joining and liking BE3Designs on Facebook too!

BE3Designs Facebook Page

Well, that about sums it up – hopefully I’ve given you enough information to get started with Facebook Pages but as always, if you have any questions – or if you have any tips you’d like to add for others, please comment below!

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