Meet Bree Emmerson

BE3Designs, based out of Edmonton, Alberta, is owned and operated by freelance web designer and developer, Bree Emmerson.

A web designer and developer who has been making websites since she was 12 years old!

Hello! My name is Bree Emmerson, sole-proprietor of BE3Designs. I am based out of my home office in Edmonton, Alberta where I design, build, and manage websites for small businesses, artists/writers/creators, nonprofits, and fellow entrepreneurs.

I am currently available for work and scheduling projects throughout 2024!

Work with a freelancer, (me, it's me)
Bree Emmerson at AWE Celebration of Achievement

My goal

Support business owners like you with your website and online efforts so that you can focus on your passion.

"My favourite thing about working with Bree is that she is solutions-focused and knows how to take initiative when it comes to problem solving."
Kassia H.
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The bio that is always weird to write for yourself

When I was little I wanted to be a bird. I eventually came to terms that it was never meant to be and when I was twelve, I started designing and developing websites for fun and family. In 2010, I became a professional freelancer and sole-proprietor of BE3Designs. (While I may not have grown actual wings, I’ve experienced some amazing opportunities and learned to fly along the way!) Aww.

Moving to Edmonton in 2009 and acclimating to self-employment in a new city was heck’n daunting, but it was an adventure gladly journeyed with the welcome and encouragement of people I met through #yeg social media and networking. Having collaborated with my own clients, subcontracted to others, and joined teams to work with local agencies, I’ve had the privilege to meet a lot of outstanding talent in Edmonton.

Due to a forever-pulled heartstring, I started the Edmonton Chapter of Canada Learning Code in 2013. I made most of my friends through meeting the volunteers who donated their time and expertise to help with workshops, hackathons, and coffee and code events. We all witnessed the growth of an extraordinary community, thanks to the generous support of our local web designers, programmers, and partners. (Seeing the a-ha moment in someone’s eyes as they learn how to build a web page is forever a core memory unlocked!)

As I approach my fourteenth year in business, I am thinking about the work I look forward to doing. I recognize that I love helping other people realize their dreams too. I don’t want to just make websites and call it a day, I want to be as excited about what we're launching as you are. I want to work together and see where I can fit to help you with your flight plan. (You know, because, birds.)

Bree Emmerson has been featured in major media publications:

Bree Emmerson on cover of Alberta Venture magazine
Bree Emmerson in Edmonton Journal
Bree Emmerson on Capital Ideas
Bree Emmerson in short documentary for Storyhive
Bree Emmerson on female entrepreneur podcast
Bree Emmerson on Edmonton AM radio

My passion is being able to use my experience and knowledge to facilitate and encourage my clients and fellow entrepreneurs to follow their dreams!

"Bree put together an in-depth proposal before starting the project, which was very helpful so I knew exactly what to expect and she delivered on every point."
Trina D.

What is it like to work with me?

I've always been quite independent and resourceful. It turns out that I had to be! This neurodivergent brain works best when it has a bit more control over workloads, relationships, boundaries, processes, and my work environment.

  • Workloads
    Since I'm just one person (although my inner monologue would say otherwise), I limit the amount of projects or clients that I take on at any time, helping ensure that my current and ongoing workloads are well managed.

    At this time, I'm not interested in volume, but developing lasting partnerships on kick-butt projects that make us want to high-five awkwardly!

  • Relationships
    I enjoy getting to know my clients and working with them to achieve both their short and long-term goals. Many of my clients have been with me for over eight years now, growing together in our experience.

    I work best with those who have a vision, are curious to ask questions and excited to answer mine!

  • Boundaries
    I maintain my work/life balance by scheduling all of my email, phone, and video meetings in advance. I work a four day week (Mon-Thurs, excl. holidays).

    I understand that many people like myself also have ideal points of contact and will work with you to find a balance for both of us.

  • Processes
    I am a detail-oriented, hyper-organized kind of individual. I have been known to supply tl;dr:s in my emails. I am just a REALLY good communicator, okay - and likely to remember things for you.
  • Environment
    I have been working from home for over fourteen years and believe it works so well for me because of the control I have over where I work and the ability to limit additional stimulation.

    Working in a designated home office, listening to the LotR soundtrack, all notifications silent, London Fog in hand - is my jam. The more comfy I can be, the better my brain works.

    And I have it on good authority that I can do some pretty cool things when my brain works.