Edmonton’s Top 100 Women in Business

December 20, 2013
tl;dr: this article features an announcement of Wanderer Online’s Top Edmonton 100 Women in Business, featuring Bree Emmerson.
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Edmonton is innovative, eclectic and massively supportive; that is what I’ve learned since moving to Alberta, becoming an entrepreneur and starting BE3Designs. Although starting and maintaining a business has its struggles no matter what, the community here has given me a sense of support and encouragement as a sole-proprietor, which is something that I try to provide to my clients, friends, and community in return. This circle or cycle of reassurance can create an incredibly healthy environment to nurture and grow business in Edmonton, which the Wanderer Online has recognized in their Edmonton’s Top 100 Women in Business 2013 list.

The #YEGWiB project was created by Blue Knox, with the help of Emerson Csorba and full organizing and advisory committees, who were quietly resilient behind-the-scenes. In an article by Blue Knox (that is unfortunately no longer available), she outlined inspiration and celebration being the drive behind this endeavour. With mentors of their own, Blue and Emerson discussed what makes Edmonton’s business community unique and what it was missing.

“Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could celebrate the women that stand out in Edmonton’s business community?”

In what was described as tough to narrow down to 100, in an appearance on Breakfast Television (that is also no longer available), Edmonton proves its eclecticism by celebrating business women in industries from retail, communications, technology, infrastructure and development, to shop owners, restaurateurs, not-for-profit organizers, and so, so much more.

“The goal of this project, from the outset, has been to celebrate the phenomenal women in business in this city.”

Edmonton’s Mayor, Don Iveson, also posted a congratulations message to those recognized this year; “Initiatives like this celebrate the role that women play in our daily lives and expand the conventional definition of an entrepreneur — taking risks, thinking leading edge and stretching the norm. We are fortunate to have women of such calibre occupy high-profile leadership positions in Edmonton.

Thank you to Ms. Knox, Mr. Csorba and all of the volunteers for their time and creation of this project.

I am proud, honoured, humbled – basically, all of the things, to be included in this list of amazing business women in Edmonton. Congratulations to my friends, Dana DiTomaso (CEO, Kick Point Inc.), Marissa Loewen (Founder, On the Spot Pop Ups), and the 97 other phenomenal women who have been recognized this year!

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