Leadership Series: Learn from Alberta’s best

January 28, 2015
tl;dr: this article outlines event information for AWE’s Leadership Series, hosted in Edmonton on February 11, 2015, featuring Bree Emmerson.
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As a nominee of this year’s Celebration of Achievement Award, Alberta Women Entrepreneurs invited me to be an “expert” at this year’s Leadership Series: Learn from Alberta’s Best. I am looking forward to being able to provide more information to fellow women entrepreneurs on how best to prepare for their first website, or for a new website.

Join Alberta Women Entrepreneurs as Experts and Entrepreneurs take you through a day of learning and inspiration. Gain insight into the minds of entrepreneurs who have “been there done that” through our series of panel discussions. Engage with experts who will provide you with top tips for growing your business. Connect with other women in business and expand your network.

The day will start with a panel discussion on Creating Longevity featuring Lina Heath, President of EvelineCharles Salons, Spas, Beauty MD and Yasmin Jivraj, President of Acrodex, followed by Experts providing valuable tips for your business. The afternoon features Keynote speaker 2014 Celebration of Achievement Award Recipient Shannon Bowen-Smed, President and CEO of BOWEN, followed by a series of three panels featuring 2015 Celebration of Achievement Award nominees discussing:

  • Creating a caring culture
  • Creating a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Creating a scalable business

Leadership Series: Learn from Alberta’s Best takes place February 11th, 2015 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

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