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September 12, 2017
tl;dr: this article outlines event information for the Women in Tech Community Conversation, hosted in Edmonton on September 19, 2017, featuring Bree Emmerson.
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Do you self-identify as as woman working or has worked in the tech industry? Are you an ally or advocate of women in tech? Are you a Stakeholder in the tech industry (including government, non-profit, educational organizations or service providers)?

Women in Tech World is presenting a community-based 30+ city research tour called Driving Women in Tech to better understand and support women in the technology industry. During this tour, 50 community conversations and over 20 panels will take place featuring local community experts across Canada.

With goals such as defining who are women in tech in Canada, understanding what are women’s experiences in the tech industry, and identifying best practices for inclusion and promotion of women in the tech industry, Edmonton’s Women in Tech Community Conversation takes place on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at Startup Edmonton. You are invited to participate in the Community Conversation including networking, the panel of Trailblazing Women in Tech featuring Bree Emmerson of BE3Designs and Ladies Learning Code Edmonton, Stephanie Enders of Startup Edmonton, and Carrie LeClaire of ATB Financial, and research activities.

Women in Tech panel featuring Bree Emmerson of BE3Designs

Driving Women in Tech’s outcome of this 30+ city research tour will be a National Report on the experiences of women in tech in Canada, including best practices for creating more inclusive and diverse tech communities, and Regional Playbooks with recommendations to facilitate community-driven activities.

What stories, insight and tips can you provide to the women in Edmonton’s tech community?

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