Search Engine Optimization

If you want your website optimized for your prospective online customers, you’re looking for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Website Development provided by BE3Designs always maintains a basic form of Search Engine Optimization because SEO starts with the framework of your website; A badly built website will not help your optimization efforts. Research and analysis plays a role in selecting the optimal keyword search terms and phrases to optimize on each page on your website. Integration with your website via code or plugins ensures your site is ready and able to take on the robots, spiders and other wiggly zeros and ones. SEO is important throughout the life of your online marketing endeavors, so we can even help you to keep it up!

Whether you’re building a new website or wish to optimize your current website, there are variety of options available!


You’ve heard all of these words before: Analytics, AdSense, AdWords… but what do they really mean?


Static and dynamic-driven websites can be hooked up to Google Analytics to receive traffic data each month.


Some websites can make consistent income by setting up Google AdSense on their website to feature banner or sidebar ads.


Ad space can be purchased with Google AdWords so your website can be featured on Google search results.

Search Console

Additional website insights can be maintained with Google Search Console, previously known as Webmaster Tools, and integrated with Google Analytics.

My Business

Get your place of business seen in map location results with Google My Business, previously known as Google Places, where customers can also share reviews of your products and services.