Social Media Marketing

Leading social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest provide effective tools for advertising and marketing your website, business, services, products, or events. These tools can then be integrated with your website and drive additional traffic to your online marketing efforts. If you’re feeling particularly social yourself (or have someone on staff) maintaining these social profiles can provide a constant stream of connectivity to your customers, clients or fans!

You may not think you have the time to update a social media profile but be careful not to underestimate the power they can provide to your marketing efforts. Create ad campaigns, marketing strategies, and share event information on-the-fly and communicate with your target audience.

Website Integration

A lot of online users prefer connecting via social media profiles rather than picking up the phone or even emailing, which is why its a great idea to ensure you have your social media profiles integrated within your website. Feature full Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds or create a social icon list with links to each of your profiles all within your website, giving various ways of access for your visitors to get in touch with you socially.

Social Media Management

If you are going to have a social media profile, you need to make sure you maintain it and keep it updated. Will you run your own social profiles or have someone on staff to answer comments and make posts regularly? Do you have a schedule for your updates and a strategy for the content you will produce? If social media is going to work for you offline, you need to have a plan while you’re online.

BE3Designs Facebook


Most people are on Facebook which is why its a contender for online marketing. Your business should have a Facebook Page and it should be updated routinely and connected with your website.

BE3Designs Twitter


How many tweets do you read that are of a consumer’s opinion? Having a social presence on Twitter allows you to represent your business and followup with your customers, quickly and effectively.

BE3Designs Pinterest


You constantly hear about people getting lost on pin-boards for hours but also about it being a great marketing tool for businesses. Feature your products and services while delivering information on a fun platform!

BE3Designs LinkedIn


Over 200 million business professionals use LinkedIn to connect to other people in their industry, giving an all new meaning to the power of word-of-mouth networking. List your skills and maintain your profile!

BE3Designs YouTube


Those that don’t get lost in a sea of animated gifs, get lost in the world of YouTube Videos. Video blogging, product videos, customer testimonials – may the power of video compel you!

BE3Designs Google Plus


With Android growing in popularity, Google Services are providing competition to Apple’s iSeries, meaning more mobile users are integrating their online experience with their Google accounts.