How to Mass Delete Posts from a Facebook Page

How to Mass Delete Posts from a Facebook Page

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Are you looking to clean up your business page timeline on Facebook? Perhaps you have some outdated posts that you’d rather delete altogether but you don’t want to manually go through your timeline to find them, especially if they are several years old. The good news is that there is a way to do this, enabling you to delete up to 25 posts at a time from your Facebook Page Admin area.

While you are on your Facebook Page, you’ll want to go to the top toolbar and click the link called “Publishing Tools”.

Facebook Page Publishing Tools

From here, you’ll see that your posts are listed from the most recent down to the oldest with 25 posts listed before you need to click the “next” arrow to get to more posts.

Delete Facebook Posts Action

What you’ll want to do is click the boxes corresponding to the posts you want to delete and then select the Actions drop-down button to click “Delete”. You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to do this, so select a confirming deletion on the pop-up you see to make it so.

Facebook Post Deletion Confirmation

Assuming that the majority of the posts you want to delete are older, you’ll need to use the “prev”/”next” arrows to navigate to older posts. I found that in my test usage, the posts displayed somewhat quickly while navigating this way but after clicking “next” fifty some-odd times, I wondered if there was an easier way.

In the browser URL field, you’ll notice something like “/?current_page=2” – I changed the 2 to a 12 to guesstimate the approximate page of posts I wanted to delete and although the loading took a bit longer it saved me from multiple click-throughs.

Delete Facebook Posts URL

I did experience some hiccups when I tried to consistently navigate after doing some deletions where the page would seize up or stay on a perpetual load, but I either refreshed or clicked “Publishing Tools” again and redid the process to get it to work.

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