Integrating Twitter and Facebook Pages

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With all the various social media outlets out there now, a lot of us are on the search for ways to aggregate our updates so that we only have to do it once! A “One Click Harmony”, if you will… However, aggregation gets a little tricky when you have multiple social media accounts; such as different Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts for various businesses or websites.

Fortunately, Facebook and Twitter CAN work together and integrate themselves to enable you to update your Facebook Page and have your corresponding Twitter account update its feed automatically!

Make sure you are logged out of any/all Twitter accounts and go to
where you will be asked to log into your Facebook account.

Once logged in, you will see a list of all of your Facebook Pages and buttons to “Link to Twitter” on the right side. Log into your corresponding Twitter account to give the application permission to connect the two accounts.

* Make sure you log out of any Twitter accounts before proceeding to connect a different Facebook Page to a different Twitter account to avoid the connection of an incorrect pair of accounts.

In addition, once you’ve connected the two accounts you will be given a list of selectors to choose to enable that will include the aggregated updates. For example, you may choose to automatically tweet your Facebook status updates but not include any Photo, Video, or Event updates.

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