Best Ways to Keep Healthy This Spring and Gain The Benefits of Longer Days

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It’s easy to get into a winter rut, with less physical activity, more comfort foods, and far more indoor time than is a good thing. Below are three tips to help you to embrace the spring and the longer days while improving your health and energy.

Bring Nature Into the Home/Office

keep healthyIn last week’s article, we wrote about the ways we bring more life to our home office, including having a pet, enjoying plants, and using colour. Through investigation, we’ve discovered that there are some plants that are really beneficial to air quality and health. Bring the following plants into your home office for cleaner air this spring: Spider plants, Peace Lilies, Rubber plants, Snake plants, and Bamboo Palms. Due to the fact that plants produce oxygen, and clean out contaminants, you can easily bring life and health to your space this spring.

Reinvent Break Time

Perhaps this subtitle should have read “TAKE A BREAK ALREADY!” Do you take breaks from the computer yet? There are plenty of studies showing early death and health problems caused by sitting too much. Why not start this spring, and make your lunch break into a walking/lunch break. If you’re starving, have a couple bites, go for a walk, and then finish your lunch when you return. Walking will improve blood circulation, control weight, and increase longevity and overall health and mood.

Plan What You Want

Yes, you want your business to thrive, and you probably want a bit of time freedom as well. Did you know that you can have BOTH? Again, the rut-factor can keep us slaving away for too many hours at a time, but if we consciously plan to make time freedom a priority, then we can ensure that we get the free time we’re looking for. When you’re calendaring in your appointments and work hours, be sure to schedule the free time and holidays as well. This will help you to have exactly the kind of lifestyle you want.



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