Bringing Life to the Office

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To celebrate Earth Day this month we’re going to be featuring a few posts on green working and living. I work from home and it didn’t take me long to realize that I needed to make the environment as awesome to work in as possible. Its comfortable to work from home but it has its drawbacks too; you need to stimulate yourself and encourage new inspiration and creativity. In a world full of technology, bringing life back into the office is important!

Going Green

This is Hodor, (yes, he’s named after the infamous man of many words from Game of Thrones). He is supposed to stay out of direct sunlight which is perfect because my office is on the top level of a house and its not the brightest room with its one window. If I don’t come in over the weekend, he droops and its makes me sad but with one quick drink he’s back to normal. He doesn’t need much water as the soil is never to be fully saturated. If this plant is your type of plant too, check it out here: Fittonia.

I’d like to add more plants in my office in 2013, so if you have any ideas on plant varietals that don’t need direct sunlight and can go 2-3 days without being fed, please let me know below!


This is Shasta, she brings life to my office too! Sometimes we take breaks to play fetch or tug-o-war but mostly she sleeps at my feet. Its easy to have a pet-friendly workplace when you work from home but if/when I run a business and my staff have no allergies, dogs would definitely be allowed. They’d have to be well behaved though; I’ve had to shut my door in the past to keep someone out and it made me sad to have to do it!

Dogs force us to take breaks, drink water, to smile, to exercise – so its a perfect companion to a home office worker!

Natural Themes


If you’ve already got the plants and animals covered, the next thing you could do is decorate with natural themes. Earth tones or beach palettes; whatever relaxes you or reminds you of the outdoors. My favorite color palettes are actually opposites of each other but look amazing on their own and together. Autumn colors: reds, oranges and yellows. Earth colors: greens and browns.

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