Choosing the Right Domain Name

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Domain names are the URLs that you type into your browser window to take you to a website. Our domain name is:

Lets say you are a florist. You sell flowers. You are about to embark on having a website created for your shop and its time to decide on what your domain name is going to be. You’ve tried the obvious – and they are all taken. You can’t have “” but the domain registrar has supplied you with a small list of suggestions based on your original keywords. So, what is the best way to go about this?

Consider the important keywords pertaining to your business because the domain name can play just as an integral role in search engine optimization as content and internal optimization. You sell flowers, you ship worldwide and you’re located in an established city so assume that if your prospective customers are “looking” for you: they are using search terms like ‘flower shop city-name’.

Typically, the best way to go about selecting a domain name is to use your company name or keywords pertaining to your products or services.

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