Cut Costs on Your Website Maintenance

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If your website doesn’t have a CMS (Content Management System) or you are unable to make edits and updates yourself to your web pages, you need to request your web designer/developer to do the maintenance for you.

Maintenance usually includes image editing/swapping and text changes that can be completed within anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on the work involved. Due to these unique circumstances, website maintenance costs are typically derived from an hourly rate; broken down into 15 minute increments. This means that any work that takes less than 15 minutes will be billed for the full 15 minutes and work that takes 50 minutes will be billed for the full hour and so on.

There are ways that you can cut costs on your website maintenance by taking care of some of the small details that can add a lot of time onto your request yourself!


Ask your web designer or website developer what the dimensions are for the photos you are wanting to update. By providing the exact image(s) to upload your designer/developer won’t have to open up Photoshop and resize each one of your images. You should provide at least the minimum dimensions for your images as images that need to be enlarged to fit their contained space will result in pixelation and blurriness.

Provide web-ready images by using .gif or png extensions on graphics and .jpg extensions on photos. Although print-ready images need to be 300 dpi, web-ready images only need to be 72 dpi.


Proof-read your content before submitting it or discuss ahead of time whether or not you want editing/copywriting services. Some designers/developers will copy and paste the exact text you provide and not make any changes to it, which means finding an error or two down the line = a new maintenance request for you.

Keep in mind how your current website formats its copy. Providing too little, too much or content text that is meant to be formatted in an entirely different way may mean extra work on the designer/developer’s end in creating new styles, new templates or a brand new interface.


Don’t simply leave a list of the names to link to, leave an actual list of the exact URLs you want to link to so no time is wasted on searching for the website you need.

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