How Businesses Can Survive a Slow Summer by Using Pinterest

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You can dramatically increase your website traffic by using Pinterest properly. It’s all about understanding your business, and then knowing how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website, while keeping in mind the most important thing: relationship building. Below are some pointers so that you can use Pinterest wisely. We hope to see your business thrive this summer!

Know Your Business

Before you set up a Pinterest account where people can follow your business and like your pins, it’s important to figure out what your business stands for, and what you want to be known for on Pinterest. Do you know “why” you are even using Pinterest? Sit down and have some thinking time around this. You will make better use of your time on Pinterest if you understand what it’s all about, how it can benefit your business, and what your business is trying to portray through pictures.

Develop Your Boards

When developing the boards on your Pinterest page, you want to be focused, but you don’t want to limit yourself or your followers to only one category. Have a theme for your boards, but be sure to diversify as well. You will attract more followers if you share more pins than just the ones that are specifically related to your business. how businesses can survive a slow wummer

For example, if you specialize in wedding dress design, put your emphasis on wedding dresses. Although, be sure to extend your boards so that some of the boards cover related topics, such as “Favorite Wedding Photographs” or “Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces.” To add a personal touch, you may even create a board that shows a bit of your life, such as “My Family.”

Who Do You Follow?

First things first: follow your friends. They will most likely follow you back, and that will be a nice feeling. Next, be strategic about the people that you are following on Pinterest. Follow local businesses with whom you wish to have a furthered connection. Follow acquaintances who you feel you might serve through your business in the future.

Like and Repin With Care

Remember that people can see what you “like” and what you “repin.” It’s paramount that you keep this in mind when you’re using Pinterest for business because you’re truly expressing who your business is, and who it is not, with every click on Pinterest.

Develop Relationships

More important than anything else, “like” and “repin” in order to build relationships with the people you follow. If people are seeing you at the top of their “repin” list as someone who is continuously repinning their pins, they are more likely to start following you and thus more likely to end up at your website.

Remember: pinning for business is different than pinning for personal pleasure. Be thoughtful about what you do on Pinterest, provide value, link to your website, and build those relationships! Go get’em!


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