How to Generate More Website Traffic with Twitter

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If you are starting up in business, or you’ve been in business for a long time, but you are new to social media marketing, there are some things you need to know about twitter- the main thing being that you can generate a lot of website traffic through the social media platform, and you can gain some online friends while you’re at it! Below are a few tips that you can begin to use so that you can bring more people to your website.

Add Value, Not Vowels

You don’t need to tweet every two hours just so that you have something to twittertweet. Make sure you have something valuable to write about before you jump onto twitter and start saying your piece. There is nothing worse than reading someone’s tweet “I just ate an egg for breakfast.” Really? Unless you are heavily promoting free-range eggs, and you’re adding a link to your favorite local farmer’s website, skip the breakfast tweet- not worth it.

Tweet About Information and Then Link

It has been shown that tweets that are informational attract 30 times more attention than tweets that are focused on the person who is doing the tweeting. Again, a good reason to skip the breakfast tweets.

Once you’ve created a really great tweet, add a link at the end of it. Adding a link will encourage your followers to click on the link. If that link goes to your website, then you will have a new visitor on your website and all will be well in the land of SEO (well, there are a few more things you need to do for SEO to be well, but you get the point). *Be careful though: don’t add links to your website just for the sake of it. Make sure the link is actually related to your tweet.

Make Friends and Stay Friends

Spend some time following people in your interest group or industry. Find some business people who have a lot of followers and take note of how they’re tweeting. You’ll learn some things, and they may even follow you back. The more quality friends you make on twitter, the more people you will have to click on your links when you add your links to the end of your tweets. Use your friends’ names in your tweets, and they’ll like you even more- @be3designs We like you already!


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