Is Using Facebook Really Just a Waste of Time?

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Facebook can be a giant time thief; it can take your time, and it can take your money, if you put a lot of money into things like facebook gifts for your friends or facebook advertising for your business. It’s important to note, though, that facebook is actually a highly valuable tool that you can use for business, and it can be valuable as long as you are using it with purpose.

[I was about to put some statistics in here about how many minutes the is facebook a waste of timeaverage person spends on facebook, but you probably won’t have use for that information. The point: the more time you spend looking at pictures on facebook, the less time you have to work your business- this is not to say you shouldn’t spend time socializing, though, because socializing and business go hand-in-hand.]

The Purpose of Facebook for Business

Connect with people. Connect with a lot of people. With facebook, connecting with people is simple, and in that, it is easy to make people aware of your business and what your business has to offer. It’s important to have a facebook page, and to promote your business via the facebook page.

Sometimes, bringing your page’s status updates to your personal facebook profile is a good idea, too. You just don’t want to overwhelm your friends with posts about your business- it will get annoying pretty quickly. In saying that, don’t be afraid to share your business goals and achievements with your facebook friends; they are your friends for a reason, after all. It’s all about balance.

Optimize Your Time on Facebook:

Here are some of the best ways that you can optimize your time on facebook so that you are not online just to waste time:

  • Become your facebook page and start liking other business’ pages. This will let more business people know that you are around and what you have to offer.
  • Don’t be afraid to like and comment on other business’ pictures and status updates. Do it through your facebook page. You will be promoting your business every time you like or comment via your page.
  • Post valuable content on your facebook page. There’s nothing worse than junk mail in your news feed. Come up with some good content. If you don’t have anything good to share, then share something that someone else has posted. Press “share”- don’t copy & paste!
  • Send people to your facebook page by linking to the page often on other social networking websites, like Pinterest and Twitter. You will gain more followers this way!

The key is to do your best online, the same way you would do your best offline. Think of clicking and sharing like you think of doing any business transaction. Be as effective and efficient as possible, and you won’t find yourself wasting a whole bunch of time in the process. All the best to you! Come like us on facebook!

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