Online Marketing Resolutions

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It’s a new year, and online marketing is one of the things that businesses are focused on more than ever. This article covers some of the most important New Year resolutions for small businesses, and big businesses alike, in regard to being effective with online marketing.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

With offline business dealings, strong relationships are vital; the same is true of business conducted on the web. Building quality relationships can be done in one of several ways, which include the following: quick response to customer inquiries; genuine interest in fan activity on the business facebook page; and prompt follow-up to see if the customers are satisfied or needs further assistance. Doing these things on a continuous basis will help a business to build stronger relationships and to more easily satisfy new ones.

Be More Productive With Facebook

As seen above, relationship-building is very important, although too much time can be wasted on facebook for the small business who may not know what they’re doing on facebook to begin with. Schedule out facebook time for more productive results: post a status update, check for customer comments, respond to the comments, and then get off facebook as quickly as possible. Keeping facebook time to a minimum will allow a business person to free up their time for other activities which can later be posted to facebook.

Create More Valuable Blog Content

Blog content needs to be diverse and interesting for it to be effective. It’s always important for the person writing to ask themselves, “which things are relevant to the person reading this blog? Why are they reading? What do they want to learn about?” Sometimes people randomly stumble across a blog post, but more often a person comes to a piece of writing because they have been searching online for a solution to their problem. Come up with a real solution for people, and notice how blog traffic increases.

This year is all about high-quality, effective online marketing. With a focus on strong customer relationships, social media productivity, and valuable content generation, business is bound to boom and everyone will win.

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