Online Marketing Success: Falling In Love With Facebook

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Love it or hate it, facebook plays a role in your online marketing success. Facebook didn’t start out as a way for people to market their businesses, but facebook has turned into a platform for business success (or failure) and it can be used in ways that can be dramatically beneficial to profits and reputation. Read more to find out just what we mean.

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Online Marketing Success: More People are on Facebook than Ever Before

In 2011, one in every thirteen people had a facebook profile. Globally, that is approximately 500 million facebook users that are going online to check out one another’s profile, update statuses, and …Well…Be advertised to. Businesses are jumping onboard with facebook pages and they are making use of advertising spaces. Are you doing it yet?

People Are Influenced By Their Friends

If you are on facebook, and you are on the fence about a purchasing decision, you are more likely to make the purchase if you have a friend that has already made the purchase or one that also “likes” the business that is selling the product or service. People become influenced by the people around them- it’s nature. Make your facebook page the hub of all of your online marketing, and you are sure to gain popularity and sales.

Fall In Love with Facebook Page Fans

Once your business has a facebook page, use it wisely to show your fans some love. Facebook fans have liked your page, providing you with credibility and a reason to share what you offer with the worldwide web. Begin and continue to give your fans a reason to stay connected with you.

If your business does not yet have a facebook page, then now is the time to get started! It doesn’t take long to set up a user account, and once it is set up, it doesn’t take long to establish a business page. You can do it. Cheers to your online marketing success in 2013. Be sure to like us on facebook for more success tips!

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