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Bree Emmerson, CTV News guest, talking about Ladies Learning Code
My name is Bree and I've been making websites since I was 12 years old!
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Your vision, your budget, your choice.

Web design and development projects start at a minimum of $1000 CAD but what is included and what we do with it, is up to you - with my recommendations, of course!

"Bree's hard work and skills saved a rebranding initiative... we had more qualified leads come in within the first three weeks after launch than the company had seen for well over a year."
Paul P.
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Website templates and all-in-one packages

An affordable way to get a responsive, optimized 3-5 page website.

Custom web design & development

A fully customized quote based on your specific requirements and goals.

Add-on phases or optional website services

Some website services can be worked on in phases, allowing you to budget.

What does a website designer and developer do?

Generally, a web designer creates the overall look and aesthetic of the front-end of a website - graphically and stylistically, while a web developer codes and programs the back-end of the website to function and apply the intended design.

I originally started coding websites for fun, as a child. I learned HTML and CSS by trial and error, using existing sites - tweaking the source code to see what happened.

I eventually went to college to study graphic design and specialized in web, earning a job out of my practicum placement with an agency focused on building websites.

For almost fifteen years, I’ve been offering my web design and development services professionally with BE3Designs.

Working with me you can expect:

  • Full project management and timely communication

    I respond to emails and requests within 24 hours on business days (Monday-Thursday, excl. holidays). I provide summaries and meeting notes if we are on a phone or video call.

    I use project management tools to track and schedule your project to keep tasks on time and details contained.

  • Start-to-finish service offerings

    I have been making websites since I was 12 years old! Over time I’ve gained more skills and expertise in working for others and running my own business for almost fifteen years.

    In addition to web design and development, I can also provide optional and supplemental website services such as blog management or on-page SEO.

  • To work within your budget

    No client or website is created completely equal. I provide template, basic, or custom design website packages that focus on your goals and requirements while setting your website up to grow and build with you.

  • Following best practices for search engine optimization

    Every thing I do, I have SEO in the back of my mind. I won’t hesitate to point out if a design or development decision was made to follow best practices or search engine requirements.

    I will also support you to ensure that your content is edited and optimized for your website.

  • Designing and developing with accessibility and usability in mind

    The World Health Organization estimates that 2.2 billion people worldwide have vision impairment while there are additional needs that can affect a user’s ability to view and interact with a website.

    From color contrast to font selection and size, to adapting content and applying adequate coding to support accessibility tools, these are some of the variables that a professional web designer and developer needs to keep in mind.

Websites can take anywhere from one to six weeks or more to complete, book early by requesting your new website quote now!

Some of the websites I've designed and developed:

Portfolio screenshot of client website
Portfolio screenshot of client website
Portfolio screenshot of client website
Portfolio screenshot of client website

Ready to create a new website?

If you have any questions before getting started you are more than welcome to contact me - either by email or booking a quick call.

If you are ready to get the ball rolling and need to book your web design and development in advance in order to launch your new website by a specific date, request a quote now by filling out the form below. I will follow-up with you by email with more information or to schedule a call within 1-2 business days.

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Do you have an existing website?

When it might be time for a new website:

The website framework or server is outdated, insecure, or compromised.

The current website functionality doesn’t allow for changes.

You’re implementing a new brand or marketing strategy.

You may hire a back-end developer or programmer to fix your outdated or compromised file system and server but if you don’t have a huge database that you’re dependent on retaining - it may be a better use of your budget to start a new website. And you don’t have to start from scratch.

If you love the look and feel of your existing website, I can use that as inspiration for building your new website!

You may have launched your first website on a platform that initially worked for you but no longer serves its purpose. I’ll talk with you to determine what your goals and priorities are to help you select a website that suits your needs now and will grow with you in the future.

Your brand and content matters. Whether you’ve been in business for years or are starting out, it’s important that your website reflects what you’re doing on-location, in print, or on social media.

Contact me and tell me about your website.