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Hire a website coach to support you 1:1, when you need it.

Hire your own, personal website consultant!

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?:

  • You started building your own website but experienced some confusion or overwhelm along the way,
  • You have an existing website that you want to update but don’t know how,
  • You need to be mindful of your budget and ‘DIY’ is a means of compromise,
  • Or, you genuinely want to have a hand in working on your own website 🧡
Learn, plan, and improve by hiring a website coach
Bree Emmerson, CTV News guest, talking about Ladies Learning Code
My name is Bree and I've been making websites since I was 12 years old!
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What does 1:1 website coaching and consulting look like?

Think of having a website coach like having a co-worker, project manager, and mentor all rolled into one.

There are many times when I’m working on my own business and I get stuck, feeling the need to come up for air and talk to anybody that isn’t myself - just to get out of my own head.

Freelancers, solopreneurs, sole-proprietors - the self-employed, as much as we can do on our own, sometimes we need support along the way.

What to expect from me, as a website coach and consultant:

We look to people who are experienced in what they do to provide us with advice, products, or services every day. After building and managing websites for over fifteen years, I’m making myself available for 1:1 coaching and consultations!

1:1 Coaching

Learn how to make updates to your website, what assets are available to you, best practices to follow, and double check your work!

Project Management

When you need someone to hold you accountable or help you develop a plan and strategy, we can work together.


From general inquiries to strategy sessions, we can talk business, websites, goals, and how to get you moving forward.


I am detail-oriented, extremely organized, and will ensure you have a custom companion guide.


I follow-up on emails and requests within 24 business hours and can schedule phone or video meetings.


If there are tasks that you want someone else to take care of, my website services are available.

Who is 'me'? Well, I'm Bree!

My name is Bree Emmerson and I started BE3Designs in January 2010 after some shifts in the economy the previous year (wah wah). What was an initial unexpected life change turned into an amazing and almost serendipitous opportunity!

I’ve spent the last fifteen years designing and developing websites professionally for: small to medium sized businesses, nonprofits, authors and novelists, artists and painters, municipal governments, interior designers, startups and entrepreneurs, and for other freelancers or agencies who have contracted my services.

During that time I’ve also been running my business and slowly, silently evolved into consulting and coaching my clients through not just their websites but their business too. So, now I’m being not so silent about it!

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