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Hire a website manager to monitor, and maintain your website.

Hire your own, personal website manager!

How much time do you spend updating and configuring your website when you have other work to do? Have you wanted to add new content to your website but are unsure of best SEO practices? Looking to get out of your head and bounce ideas off of someone else?

Gain both time and peace of mind by hiring a web manager.

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My name is Bree and I've been making websites since I was 12 years old!
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1:1 website support when you need it

My monthly contract clients get access to my website services at a reduced rate. Packages start at $100 CAD per month.

"Bree is a joy to work with. She always takes the time to address each and every question and comment with a detailed response, and goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone is on the same page."
Anna M.
Hire me to manage your website

What does a website manager do?

Honestly - it depends on your website and your needs. A lot of clients are comfortable and quite happy to do some of their own website services and only need help with bits and pieces. Others prefer or need to focus their efforts elsewhere. And that's where someone like me comes in!

  • Backend Maintenance

    Includes monitoring and maintaining web platforms, such as WordPress, installed theme(s), and plugins. This step is important for every website to keep security and functionality top-notch.

    A web manager worries about all the technical bits so that you don't have to learn things you'd really rather not.

  • Hosting & Domain Administration

    Includes documenting accurate and current domain and hosting information to prevent potential outages, communicating with hosting companies as a technical contact to troubleshoot server issues, and maintaining DNS records.

    Don't worry about those emails you receive that talk about something happening to a server, somewhere, that includes instructions that appear to be written in a foreign language. Forward that stuff to me!

  • (Frontend) Content Updates

    Includes making changes to existing images or text on your website to refresh content, create or layout new pages or content, and work with you to audit and improve your site.

    Having your web manager do your content updates helps you by freeing up some of your time to focus on other areas of your business.

  • Blog and SEO Management

    Includes the population, formatting, and scheduling of your blog posts, maintaining categorization, meta titles, descriptions, internal and external links, and resizing images for web use.

    Blog management helps you by ensuring your posts are consistently formatted and optimized for users and search engines, as they are published.

  • Assist with third-parties or marketing efforts

    Includes making changes or updates to your website on behalf of third-parties such as advertising or marketing agencies, Google, social media platforms, affiliate or partner links.

    Website management protocols help with security and site health by limiting login and editing access to your site.

I have limited availability. I take on a limited number of website management contracts to leave room for new website projects, so contact me now to avoid a waitlist!

Your site, your rules, your contract.

Website Management packages start at a minimum $100 CAD per month. This time covers administration, monitoring website, server, and search console notifications, communicating and working with domain and hosting providers, yourself, and your third-party suppliers.

From there, time can be added in 15 minute increments depending on your individual needs.

Content population

Updating and editing existing elements on your website as per your requests, planned in advance and scheduled or as they come up.

Advanced requests

Changes to the design, layout, or framework that typically take more time will be quoted at your reduced hourly rate.

Out of scope

Some websites don't fall into my service offerings. For these, I recommend contacting me about new Web Design & Development.

Do you DIY but need some support from time to time?

Even if you plan to do content updates, edits, and manage your own site you might find yourself having questions along the way. How great would it be to have someone to call with over twenty five years of experience making websites?

If you find yourself needing support but its more general in nature, or a one-time type thing, let’s start with a 1:1 Website Coaching session.

Website Management Intake Form

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