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When you login to your WordPress Dashboard do you see a number of pending updates but are nervous to click or ignore them entirely? How regularly do you log into your WordPress site since it was launched?

Keep your WordPress site up to date and secure with regular maintenance.

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What is WordPress maintenance?

WordPress is an open-source blogging and website platform that is quite versatile in customization, themes, and plugins. With there being a large library of resources available to integrate, consistent updates to frameworks are required to improve functionality, security, and compatibility over time.

Back-end versus Front-end updates

When I talk about WordPress maintenance, I’m referring to the updates required within the WordPress Dashboard. These admin screens are referred to as the back-end of the website because it both manages the settings and configurations of your site and therefore (should be) hidden from the public-facing side. Phew. Could you imagine? No, don’t.

The front-end of your website is what your customers see when they visit your site in a desktop or mobile browser. If I were making front-end updates to your site, they would be to copy or image content, or page layout or text formatting - these are things the public can see, read, or have read aloud to them.

I offer both back and front-end updates as part of my Website Management package

What can happen if you don’t maintain WordPress?

If WordPress, your theme or installed plugins aren’t tested and updated, you might be missing out on:

  • bug fixes,
  • security script updates,
  • new functionality,
  • access to third-party support,
  • the ability to keep WordPress running on your server.

And it isn’t just a matter of clicking the update button and being done with it:

  • is your website backed up?
  • can you easily restore it if something goes awry?
  • are you testing your updates on a staging server first?
  • are you implementing changes one at a time and accounting for cross-compatibility between multiple plugins?
  • are you reading the changelogs, feedback, and support forums?

You have so many other things you could be doing, right?!

Let me update and manage your website while you focus on your business (or whatever you want, really)

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Is your WordPress site hacked or broken already?

You may have already noticed that your site has odd redirects, code showing up on your page, or really, a plethora of other unintended shenanigans.

This usually happens when a site is severely outdated so there are either compatibility issues between plugins and other variables, or, it left a hole in security which allowed someone to upload malicious code to your server through your website.

To fix or to rebuild

If you’re looking to fix what you have, someone out there can help you but it isn’t me. To be honest, this isn’t work that I am efficient in or that I enjoy. I would prefer spending my time learning about your business, your customers, and your goals to build something new that aligns with your ongoing marketing efforts.

I’ve witnessed many cases where the time involved to fix what is broken is on par with the same budget better spent on having a new, updated website made.

Often, in addition to WordPress, the server the site is hosted on is also outdated. This can directly affect the ability to easily run upgrades.

Web Design & Development

It’s time to focus on a revamp and rebuild of your current site.

I can even use your original site as inspiration if you’d like to keep the same design and layout.

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Website Management

After your new website is launched, you’ll have your very own web manager to support you and maintain your site for as long as you need.

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